For many property developers, mailboxes are one of the least exciting aspects to consider. In the grand scheme of the project, particularly large-scale ones, they don’t seem that significant. But the wrong choice for your centralized mail system can cause headaches for you, the building owner and the building’s residents. 

Your centralized mailbox system has the opportunity to be as simple as it is efficient. You don’t need a dimly lit mailroom that residents avoid. Centralized mailbox systems come in so many forms, sizes and colors, you can create countless configurations that meet your residents’ needs and create a cheerful, welcoming and functional space. 

When renovating, some developers may want to stick with the old fashioned horizontal and vertical mailboxes that are still seen in older apartments. By and large, these mailboxes are obsolete and simply cannot handle the increased volume of mail the average resident receives on a monthly basis — and, more importantly, they no longer meet current U.S. Postal Service regulations.

The best solution is to create a centralized mailbox system that is convenient for residents, easy to maintain, and a great fit for both new construction, as well as for mailroom renovations. 


Centralized Mailbox Solutions

For multifamily mailbox solutions, there is no better option than 4C centralized mailboxes. Often used for condos, duplexes and even buildings with dozens of apartments, these mailboxes can service all of your residents, while at the same time they possess flexibility that designers and architects will love. 

The 4C Centralized Mailbox Series is a great solution both for new construction and as a replacement option for multifamily buildings. Introduced in 2006, they fit perfectly anywhere where flexibility is more needed, and where spaces might be restrictive — they can be installed into a wall, or built into a kiosk. They are ideal for any setting and construction as they come in three styles:

Recessed Mount

This model offers 12 different heights with over 140 pre-configured individual modules, plus the ability to configure any base module to fit your specific project needs. Plus installation of recessed mounted modules is easy as Florence provides a Multi-Unit Connector Kit (MUCK) for each specified module.

Surface Mount

This heavy-duty mailbox enclosure allows 4C modules to easily be mounted to any flat surface, inside or outside. A mounting collar is included with all 4C-SM modules and is ideal for settings with limited wall depth or material that makes it difficult to cut in a rough opening.

Free-Standing Cabinet

The versatile 4C Depot cabinet is a free-standing installation option that can be installed inside or outside and is designed to ensure the selected 4C module is installed in compliance with USPS regulations.

No matter which option you choose, the convenience is unmatched, and not just for the residents. Utilizing centralized mailboxes for your development will offer you options that bring much more value to your multifamily project. 



If your development is nearly finished and the last thing you have to worry about is your mailbox system — though you should always make sure to talk to your local USPS as early as possible in the building or renovation process — a centralized mailbox system will likely be your best choice.

But, there are some exceptions.

Check Local and Federal Regulations

It must be noted that there is a whole body of legislation governing both the makeup and placement of your mailboxes. The USPS regulations exist in order to ensure that your residents are serviced in a fast and efficient manner and that their employees stay safe on the job. A list of these regulations can be found here.

The Americans with Disabilities Act also governs the structure of mailboxes, specifically height minimums and maximums and general aspects of accessibility. Failure to adhere to these protocols can severely delay your property’s development, as you won’t be able to get occupancy permits..



Furthermore, as of July 2020, a law governing the ratio of package lockers to mailboxes has been put into effect. Now there must be a 5:1 ratio of mailboxes to package lockers. It’s no secret that people are receiving more packages than ever before, and industry experts say that even 5:1 is not enough to keep up with the demand.

So there’s more to it than just mail when it comes to a mailbox, and this is a lot to handle, right? Fortunately, many dealers and mailbox manufacturers have these issues worked out beforehand, and companies like Florence have been setting the precedent for the best mailbox systems. 

Get Advice From the Experts


Florence has been part of the industry for over 6 decades... Their 4C mailboxes offer preconfigured options for USPS compliance and are easily upgradable in order to fit the new 5:1 ratio. Florence also has industry expert dealers all across the U.S. who are able to help you pick the right system for your project.

Simply send one of our dealers the blueprints to your development so they can get a look at what’s available and what isn’t for the unique parameters of your property. Their team will work with you to develop an installation plan accordingly and get you the best centralized mailbox system for the best price.

Take the worry out of your mailbox project and let these industry veterans handle your mail delivery system while you focus on the more pressing matters of your property. Browse through our catalog and then reach out to your local dealer to find the mailbox solution that works best for you.