Florence Corporation has launched its new 20-page eBook with tips for specifying Postal Specialties and best practices for multifamily developments. This is a top resource for architects who are new to this line of work or long-time architects who want to ensure they are on track with current trends and requirements.

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Have you ever seen a stunning building or development, then noticed something out of place — a mail area that didn’t quite fit with the design, or seemed tacked on as if it were shoehorned into a tight spot? We understand Section 10 Postal Specialties may not be the highest priority when you’re in design mode. That’s why we’re here.
This eBook will help you avoid common pitfalls and incorporate centralized mail and package delivery easily, successfully, and elegantly into your project.

When planning for centralized mail delivery, we’ve found these best practices help ensure the smoothest process for architects and other stakeholders, facilitate the most seamless integration with a visual concept, and provide the best experience for residents.

Start Early
    Find an ideal location
    Involve stakeholders
    Include renovations

Integrate Mailboxes into the Design
    Determine the type of delivery (private or USPS) 
    Identify the type of mailboxes
    Customize for functionality

Provide Adequate Space for Packages
    Plan for growing package volume
    Consider adding an automated package management system

Download and keep this resource as a handy reference to guide your specification work for postal specialties today!