Remember back in school when the teacher would announce that an upcoming test was going to be multiple choice and everyone breathed a sigh of relief? Having all the options spelled out made things so much easier!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have that same ease today?

Imagine navigating a few buttons and drop-downs, using drag-and-drop technology to create a layout, and then clicking a button to get drawings of a fully configured mailbox installation emailed to you.

With our industry-unique online configurator, you can easily design a mailbox and package locker installation that will integrate with your overall project.

To make things easier, we have two modes:

  • Wizard: For users who want to do a quick configuration with a few standard options
  • Power: For advanced users who want all configuration options available to them

In Wizard mode, simply select from a few preset options to create a layout and get drawings in whatever format works best for you — BIM Revit, CAD, PDF, DWG — to streamline your documentation. (This also makes the quote and ordering process a breeze!)

“It’s a quick jumping off point,” said Jim Hendricks, Marketing Programmer/Analyst, Florence Manufacturing, who is the computer programming brain behind the proprietary configurator. “It will quickly generate a default wall system … using standard modules to fit a project’s specs, and show you what it would look like.”

From there, you can toggle into Power mode, where you can edit the layout and really design the installation according to your project’s exact needs. (We’ll have more on Power mode later this month!)

Our configurator will always reflect the latest regulations, so you know you’ll be compliant with USPS and ADA requirements.

For years Florence has been the industry leader, bringing you the highest-quality product with the most features and support available. Our online configurator is no exception.

Whether you’re a wizard or a power user, it can be as advanced as you need to it be.

But don’t just take our word for it — give our configurator a spin right now and see for yourself how much easier it makes specifying Postal Specialties!