This month we’ve been highlighting ways to care for and maintain your mailboxes. One of the most important components is the lock.

Here are some of your top lock questions answered:

What do I do if the lock sticks?

Mailbox locks are sensitive, so be careful what you use to keep them lubricated. We recommend using graphite or Tri-Flo.

Why won’t the key to the parcel lockers come out of the lock?

Parcel lockers use a special kind of lock that holds the key in place after a single use, giving residents secure access to packages.

What happens if a resident loses his or her mailbox key?

If a lock gets damaged or a resident loses a key, you might need to replace the lock or get a new key. Contact your local postal official for help.

How do I replace a lock?

If a lock needs to be replaced, our how-to video will walk you through how to install a new mailbox lock.

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