Though most modern-day mailboxes are built to the highest industry standards, parts and pieces can degrade over time — and a broken mailbox door or other mailbox equipment are problems that shouldn’t be ignored.

Damage from extreme weather or vandalism can lead to broken parts and disfigured doors, leaving valuable mail vulnerable to thieves and the elements. This may lead to the need for a mailbox door replacement.

Metal mailbox door replacement may still be necessary even if the door is functional. Even surface-level damage can compromise the integrity of the whole mailbox unit. There is a simple yet important process to follow when it comes to mailbox door replacement.

Whether you are a tenant or a property manager, we’ll walk you through the steps to ensure you understand the process behind how to replace a mailbox door.

If You Have Horizontal or Vertical Mailboxes

Silver vertical mailbox solutions with locks and name tags on the doors.

Vertical and horizontal mailbox doors often exist in older apartment complexes, either in the form of a surface or recessed mount. If you’re experiencing issues and need a horizontal or vertical mailbox door replacement, you’re better off upgrading to a wall-mounted STD-4C mailbox or free-standing Cluster Box Unit. These modern units provide better protection and security and shared parcel locker compartments for secure storage of packages.

If the style stands out for its users and there's a desire to retain it, it's best to replace the entire unit to ensure peak structural integrity instead of replacing the door. If you go this route, keep in mind that a professional must replace these units in the same configuration. There can be no additional compartments added or removed.

Horizontal mailbox solution that provides multiple individual boxes within one unit.


If You Have STD-4C or CBU Mailboxes

Silver Speck 4C06-D10 STD-4C mailbox solution that provides multiple different mailboxes, each with a lock.

A cluster box unit (CBU) is a centralized mailbox that is freestanding and pedestal-mounted designed for outdoor installation, individually or in large group installations. USPS STD-4C mailboxes (4C) are similar in structure to CBU except they are designed to be wall-mounted indoors or outdoors, individually or in large group installations.

STD-4C and CBUs are the modern standard of mailboxes and are a favorite for many developers. Offered in various colors, these units are much easier to find replacements for, making cluster mailbox door replacement more accessible.

These doors are built to last and are highly secure. It takes a significant amount of force to cause damage, and the most common maintenance issue might be a lock failing (though this doesn’t happen very often either). 

Replacing the doors on these units requires the removal of a hinge pin rod mechanism and should only be performed by a skilled professional. If you notice something is wrong with your mailbox door, take a photo or video to send to a professional trained in mailbox replacement.

What to Do If You’re a Tenant

As a tenant, you can assess the issue. If the door isn’t functioning correctly, such as not locking or not opening, it’s time to reach out to someone to replace it. If it has graffiti or is physically damaged with dents or holes, it’s still advisable to reach out for replacement, even if it’s not entirely broken.

Mailboxes symbolize health and wealth in a community, signifying your community is safe and secure. You deserve to feel safe and comfortable in your neighborhood, so reach out to your property manager, HOA contact or Post Office if you are experiencing faulty equipment.

Do not try to replace it yourself. Without professional experience or detailed knowledge, you may cause further damage to the mailbox or yourself.

A man wearing a purple shirt checking his mail in a multi-residential building with his black box

What to Do If You’re a Property Manager

Commercial mailbox door replacement is your responsibility, and as soon as you notice damage to mailbox doors on one of your properties or receive a complaint from a tenant, we recommend you contact a skilled postal specialist or Florence Authorized Dealer.

We have a DIY video linked here, but we highly recommend you hire a professional to do the job. To replace a door on a secure, centralized mailbox, you will need to contact the local USPS so they can open the unit for maintenance to repair the unit.

Depending on your situation and the local USPS operational guidelines, they may discontinue service until the mailbox compartment  has been repaired. Once you're made aware of the issue, complete the necessary repairs or replacement quickly so your residents won’t be forced to pick up their mail at the Post Office.

A change in routine for tenants comes with frustrations, but ultimately, property managers and HOA board members are responsible for maintaining mailboxes in a centralized mail delivery system. The quicker fix, the better.

As a property manager, you get to decide on the replacement aesthetics and functionality features. When replacing a broken unit, consider the cost of a 1:1 replacement versus upgrading to the most current, postal-approved STD-4C units or stand-alone CBUs. It’s important to factor in upgraded durability, modern security features, shared package compartments and how a unit upgrade could improve overall resident satisfaction long-term.

Cluster box units and STD-4C mailboxes allow mail to stay flat instead of rolled, providing space for more mail and larger pieces. These newer models also securely receive packages in parcel compartments and are more aesthetically appealing  adding value to your property.

Feel Protected and Add Value With Warranty-Backed Florence Mailboxes

Warranty coverage is another factor in deciding whether a cluster mailbox door replacement is needed or if the entire mailbox should be replaced.

Florence products come with a five-year warranty. Our products are tested and approved by the U.S. Postal Service to meet intense security and durability standards. Florence has a long history of maintaining its ISO 9001 quality management system certification.  

If you’re interested in learning more about Florence products, find an Authorized Florence Dealer or if you’re looking for replacement parts, head over to the Florence website and start taking care of your mailbox today. Reach out to a Florence Dealer to discuss your project or to chat about any questions you may have.