The time to start planning for summer builds is now. We have some tips to help you make the most of the coming months, so you’ll be ready for construction season.

Property Managers

Take a mini field trip and visit your development’s mailbox installations. Are the mailboxes up-to-date Standard 4C or Cluster Box Unit mailboxes? Are they in good condition? Are there any signs of rust or damage?

If you see an issue, it might be time to replace the mailboxes. Check out our guide for help determining if it’s time to repair or replace your centralized mail delivery equipment.


Do you specify the same mail delivery equipment for every project? Has it been a while since you checked your specs for Section 10 Postal Specialties? We give mailboxes a lot of thought, so you don’t have to. To make the most of our expertise, check out these two helpful tools.

Specify equipment tailored to each of your project’s needs by using our online mailbox configurator. From wall space to height to accessibility considerations, our tool makes it easy for you to specify the right equipment for your project every time.

Make sure you are specifying current equipment. Visit our site to download our latest BIM models directly into your modeling program.

Builders & Contractors

As you ramp up for your busy season, know that our nationwide network of authorized Florence dealers is there to support you. Our representatives have specialized knowledge of our products and centralized mail delivery needs in general. Connect with your local rep to answer questions or place your order.

When the time comes for installation to begin, we have all the technical resources you’ll need for an easy install.

Don’t Forget!

No matter what your role, be sure to include the USPS in your planning! (Yes, we have resources for that, too!) Visit our website for USPS regulation information plus a link to find a postal rep in your project’s area.

Happy planning!