Section 10 Postal Specialties got you down? Have no fear; our eBook is here!

We’ve heard your concerns — “How can this process be easier, so I can focus on bigger elements of my project?”

We break it down for you in our straightforward and user-friendly guide: Tips for Specifying Postal Specialties.

Maybe you’ve been specifying mailbox equipment for a while and stick to the same specs you’ve been using for years. But with updated equipment and obsolete specs, this can get you into trouble.

Or maybe you’re new to specifying mailbox equipment and don’t want to spend hours spinning your wheels as you try to figure out the best way to go about it.

We’ll share best practices for multifamily development mail installations.

eBook tips for Specifying Postal Specialties

Our eBook will walk you through:

  • Current equipment specs to keep you from specifying older, obsolete equipment
  • Accessibility guidelines to ensure your project is USPS, ADA and FHA compliant
  • Trends in package growth and management that affect mail installations now and will for years to come
  • And more!

It’s got everything you need to know — without overwhelming.

Avoid common pitfalls and get simple strategies for specifying centralized mail delivery equipment for multifamily developments at your fingertips.