Nearly everyone is shopping online today more than ever before - causing an increase in package deliveries to homes everywhere - and along with it concerns about missing packages and package security.   

The convenience of shopping online can be offset by stressing over things like…

  • When will my package arrive?
  • How can I sign for my package if I’m at work?
  • Will my package still be there when I get home?
  • Where’s my package?!!

So what can you do about it?  

phone notification

One of the easiest and most effective actions you can take is to sign up for free tracking and alert services from major parcel carriers! 

These free carrier services provide visibility and greater control for all your home package deliveries via email or text alerts that keep you informed about your package delivery progress and notify you when your packages are delivered.


UPS MyChoice®

With UPS My Choice® for home, you get up-to-date delivery alerts and can track multiple package statuses in a calendar view. Whether online or by mobile, they help you put plans in place ahead of the package.

Here are some services you’ll benefit from when you sign up for UPS My Choice®:

  • Get up-to-date real time delivery alerts
  • Track and manage multiple packages at once
  • Leave driver instructions in your profile or for specific deliveries
  • Reschedule and/or plan deliveries around your schedule
  • Reroute package deliveries to alternate locations including UPS Access Points
  • Get estimated and confirmed delivery windows

FedEx Delivery Manager®

With convenient and secure package pickup nationwide at FedEx Offices and other locations, FedEx Delivery Manager® allows you to request to have packages delivered to nearby locations instead of your front door.

FedEx Delivery Manager® Services offered:

  • Alerts for any FedEx® package being delivered to you
  • Ability to hold packages for pickup at a FedEx® store or other locations
  • Vacation hold for any deliveries while you’re away
  • Sign for packages online
  • Provide special delivery instructions in profile or for specific deliveries
  • Manage your packages from the mobile app

USPS Informed Delivery®

The U.S. Postal Service Informed Delivery®service provides you with advance information about both mail and packages being delivered to your home.   You will receive a daily email with images of your letter-sized mail in addition to real-time tracking and alerts for any packages on their way to your home address.

Here’s a look at services provided via Informed Delivery®:

  • Email with image of incoming mail scheduled to arrive that day
  • Tracking and delivery status of any USPS delivered packages
  • Permanent delivery instructions for your carrier – or for individual package deliveries
  • Ability to reschedule a delivery for any package you missed
  • Manage email and text notifications

Add even more protection for packages delivered to your home

mypackageconcierge recessed in home

In addition to signing up for free parcel carrier services, you can protect your delivered packages even more and provide you peace of mind by using a secure, package delivery box at home such as MyPackageConcierge®. 

Designed to secure your packages away from porch pirates as well as protect your packages from being damaged by weather - MyPackageConcierge® provides all parcel carriers a secure place to store your packages when you’re not home to receive them.  

Kick porch pirates to the curb!  Sign up soon for all free parcel carrier package management services and learn more about how MyPackageConcierge® can help take the stress out of receiving packages at home.