Mailroom design is a part of the construction process that many builders and architects struggle to navigate. Ensuring that your designs meet code and finding solutions for safe and convenient package delivery is critical. However, making residents happy and avoiding future mailbox replacement or repair is also top of mind.

Mike Page, with Page Speciality, the largest mailbox distributor in Colorado and Wyoming, needed to develop an outdoor mailroom design that prevented frequent vandalism and offered safer package delivery to the residents of First Creek Farm in Denver, CO. There were a few challenges that the project presented, but Mike was able to provide mailroom solutions that improved the satisfaction of residents living there by reducing vandalism and break-ins by 100%.

First Creek Mail Center Before

Security and capacity improved significantly with the installation of Florence 4C mailboxes


The Many Challenges of Mailroom Design 

First Creek Farm is a growing residential community in Denver, CO, not far from the Denver International Airport. The property is managed by Kim Bennett with Accord Management, who contracted Page Specialty to repair their mail center at the complex. 

“We get called by a ton of HOAs who’ve taken over,” says Mike with Page Speciality. “First Creek was an HOA who had old Florence mailboxes from the 1970s or 80s.” 

The existing mailroom needed repair after years of “vandalism and sunshine” had taken their toll on the First Creek Farm residents’ mailboxes. 

“This area is booming in growth,” said Kim Bennett. “But a lot of the communities have seen several mailbox break-ins on their old units.” Kim worked with Mike Page to plan the project, and instead of a repair job, they decided on an upgrade to a USPS STD-4C design for the mailroom, both because their old mailboxes were outdated in age and by today’s design and safety standards. 

“It turned into a 4-sided mailroom design,” explained Mike, “and they wanted the boxes as soon as possible.” Because vandalism had been increasing, and the old boxes were in disrepair, the HOA was eager for a new mailroom that was safer for residents (and their mail and packages). 

But a project of that size gets complex, and Mike encountered a few hiccups in the mailroom construction process: “The Post Office was still delivering mail during the project. And sometimes vandalism will occur while we’re in the process of an upgrade before the project is completed.” 

Some staging and construction issues also delayed progress. “I thought construction would start building the side walls ahead of time, but they waited. So we were working on top of each other during the project,” laughs Mike. 

The COVID-19 pandemic also complicated the project, since bricks for the walls were harder to come by. “Usually, bricks are locally bought, but my old brick company went out of business,” says Mike.

Meeting the Challenges of Mailroom Construction

Part of mailroom design also includes working with the Postal Service to arrange for mail distribution. “You have no idea how complicated mailboxes have become,” says Mike. 

Postal mailbox applications can present many hurdles that construction professionals don’t always have time for, especially on a project with so many moving parts

“This was my first mailbox center reconstruction project, and considering the size of the job, I was really worried,” said Kim with Accord Management.

But because Mike used Florence Mailboxes for the mailroom design, he was able to deliver a solution to the First Creek Farm that would significantly improve their previous mail delivery system.

First Creek Horizontal Mailboxes

The old horizontal mailboxes, industry standard 30 years ago

“Florence was very consistent with their timeline on shipping and delivery,” says Mike. The boxes were installed on a Friday during the project, and the USPS was able to start up package delivery to the newly configured outdoor mailroom design the next Monday. 

“It went really fast,” says Kim Bennett.

First Creek Updated 4C Mailboxes

The finished result. Mail center structure was in good condition, but the old mailboxes needed replacement.

“The customer loved it,” explains Mike with Page Specialty. “I think they were so uncomfortable with the mail vandalism that anything would’ve been better. But the mailroom is beautiful, and the customer is singing praises about the results.”

Because of Florence’s great product and commitment to service, Page Specialty drastically improved resident satisfaction with the new mailroom design. “I used to get complaints two or three times a week about vandalism,” said Kim with Accord Management. “That’s why we had the cameras up.” 

Since the installation: “I have had ZERO issues or complaints about tampering with the mail boxes or break-ins. In fact I have had nothing but great and positive feedback on the whole project!” says Kim.

By using Florence’s centralized mailbox system, First Creek Farm had a solution for mail delivery that ensured package safety, and it also matched the color palette and aesthetic that the HOA required. 

“Seeing the product installed in the wall and in service so quickly was huge for the customer,” says Mike. 

Long-Lasting Designs, Happier Customers

The logistics involved in choosing the right mailbox system can overwhelm professionals, especially if there are any delays or problems that crop up during construction. 

Florence Corporation has spent decades working in partnership with the United States Postal Service and ensures that all centralized mailbox systems are built to USPS design and security standards. Florence and its network of dealers are experts in mailroom design, so you don’t have to be. 

If you’re looking for a specialized product installation for your customer or your own property, our local authorized dealers will partner with you on your project, so you don’t have to go it alone. 

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