Centralized mailboxes are safe and efficient repositories for all of your mailed items, but there is more to mailboxes than you might think. The physical mailbox can serve as an ideal meeting location for a variety of situations. No, it may not be the place you want to spend your Friday night, but the never moving, unchanging nature of the mailbox makes it an ideal centralized meeting place in any of the following situations.

Family Emergency

As much as you don’t want to think about them, you know the rules when it comes to household fires. If the doorknob is hot, find another way out. Never pour water on a grease fire. Stop, drop and roll. But what about meeting up with your family after escaping a terrifying situation? Your adrenaline is pumping. The reality of the situation can lead to confusion. Did all of your family make it out of the house? You need a headcount, but how do you know where everyone will be? Your mailbox makes for a convenient meeting spot. It is a location your entire family will be familiar with, ensuring that there is no confusion if anyone is separated.

Neighborhood Emergency Meeting Place

In similar fashion, a neighborhood's centralized mailbox can serve as a convenient emergency meeting place for all residents. If a disaster, like a tornado, affects the block or apartment complex, you can ensure that everyone is safe by establishing the mailbox as the emergency meeting place. This face-to-face meetup can help you make certain those who live close are all right without having to rely on cell phones that may be without signal after such severe weather.

The Neighborhood Water Cooler

Mailboxes are good meeting places in general, not just after emergencies, we promise. In fact, the neighborhood centralized mailbox can serve as your neighborhood “water cooler.” Whether you’re asking Robert about his vacation or Delores about her grandkids, the mailbox makes a great place to casually interact with neighbors and meet new people.

In the same way that mail brings people together from miles apart, the mailbox can help create a place of safety in your neighborhood and help you connect with those who are nearby. Consider the centralized mailbox a centralized meeting place.