May is a busy month!

Mailbox Improvement Week

Each May, the USPS observes Mailbox Improvement Week, a time when postal officials evaluate mailboxes around the country to ensure they are USPS Approved, protected from the elements, safe to use, conveniently located, and well-kept. This year, Mailbox Improvement Week is May 15-21.

Here at Florence, we take mailbox improvement to heart. That’s why we make it easy for architects and designers to create centralized mail areas that will make an impact. For your convenience, we provide downloadable written specs in both .doc and .rtf formats and BIM objects that you can import directly into your Revit library!

If you haven’t updated your master specs in a while, you might be using outdated information for STD-4B+ horizontal mailboxes. It’s important to update your specs to the current STD-4C mailboxes specified by the USPS.

  • STD-4C mailboxes have wider compartments to better accommodate larger pieces of mail; which also translates to needing more wall space.
  • STD-4C mailboxes are more secure than the obsolete STD-4B+ mailboxes.
  • STD-4C mailboxes include package lockers that are seamlessly integrated. (Keep in mind you need a minimum of one for every 5 mailboxes to meet USPS requirements, as of July 2020.)

So, take a moment to download updated product specs for your convenience, either in written or 3D formats so you can have them for quick access when you complete your next Section 10 Postal Specialty project.

AIA Convention

May also marks the annual AIA convention — one of the largest conventions for architects, designers, and other visionary leaders.

If you will be there for the three days packed with exhibitors, speakers, and events — be sure to visit us in booth #1331. . .or sign up for our CE Theater course on Emerging Trends in Package Management and Equipment for Multifamily Housing!

We hope to see you in Philadelphia!


And you can always find helpful information and resources in our Architect Toolkit!