We’re dedicating this month to multifamily mailboxes by taking a look at various residential mailbox options.

In our last blog we explored the features of cluster box units, or CBUs. This week we’re taking a closer look at STD-4C mailboxes.

The biggest difference between CBUs and STD-4C mailboxes is that CBUs are free-standing and STD-4C mailboxes are mounted mailboxes.

STD-4C mailboxes can be mounted in or on a wall, in a freestanding cabinet, or in an outdoor kiosk. They are available as front-loading, rear-loading, surface mounted, pedestal mounted, and kiosk units.

As you can see, 4C mailboxes are incredibly versatile.

They also come in “USPS Approved” modules, as well as units for private delivery.

Private delivery means non-USPS personnel deliver mail to individual compartments like at universities. Mailboxes in private distribution installations are not required to adhere to strict “USPS Approved” specifications and have more flexibility in how they are installed.

Although private delivery mailboxes have a greater degree of customization, even USPS Approved units are allowed some level of customization, ensuring that any mailbox option can blend in beautifully with the design of your multifamily development.

Perfect for both USPS and private delivery, STD-4C mailboxes:

  • Feature modular designs with nearly 150 base modules;
  • Vary in height and mounting options;
  • Accommodate 3-28 residents per module;
  • Incorporate security features to help prevent break-ins;
  • Include convenient, secure outgoing mail collection compartments;
  • Provide a greater degree of customization to complement the look and feel of a development.

STD-4C mailboxes also include built-in package lockers and stand-alone package locker options. These convenient solutions ensure larger mail items and packages can be delivered the first time, saving trips to the post office. And with the rise in online retail and package delivery, we recommend having one package compartment for every six mailboxes. However, the USPS requires only one package locker for every 10 mailbox compartments.

*UPDATE: As of July 2020, the USPS now requires one parcel locker for every 5 mailbox compartments - a 1:5 ratio.

In our next blog, we’ll go into more detail about package management in today’s busy world of online shopping as we highlight electronic parcel lockers.

Until then, check out our products page for more information on all our residential mailboxes, and find out more about centralized mail delivery on our blog.