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You might be amazed to know...

98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered.

77% sort through their mail immediately.

55% look forward to discovering the mail the receive.

Florence Corporation understands Section 10 Postal Specialties may not be the highest priority for architects when they are in design mode... but statistics show the mail and package delivery room is visited more often than the fitness room in multifamily housing. So why not give the mailroom more love?

As an architecturally specified product, Florence takes the guesswork out of the process by providing standard pre-configured options for simple installations, or gives you the ability to custom-build a solution which will make your centralized mail center stand out from the rest.

For architects, we offer robust BIM Objects and an industry unique online Revit Configurator, which allows you to create your own solution and export is as an RFA file for easy download into your existing design.

You give a lot of thought to the look and feel of each of your projects...sleek, modern, traditional, elegant, playful or vibrant. The mailroom should be no different. Integrate the centralized mail location into the overall look and feel of your design for an unexpected wow factor!