The numbers are staggering:

On average, apartment complexes can receive up to 100 packages per week — a number that can double during the holidays.

Property management staff can clock about five hours per week just managing package deliveries.

One thing is clear: apartment communities and other multifamily establishments must address the growth in online shippingto more effectively manage their time and resources while providing a better experience for their residents.
Enter Package Concierge

The Package Concierge electronic locker system is a marriage of technology and engineering that provides an organized and secure way for:

    Multiple carriers to deliver packages
    Residents to track and receive packages
    Property management staff to monitor delivery activity

To manufacture their state-of-the-art electronic package lockers, Package Concierge turned to Florence Manufacturing.

We talked with Package Concierge Founder and CEO, Georgianna Oliver, to learn more about the movement toward package management in multifamily housing.
How did the idea for Package Concierge come about?

There was a need in the apartment industry for a solution to all the packages that were being delivered to apartment buildings and leasing offices … With all the ordering online, there's been a paradigm shift with how retail works and it's really impacting apartment complexes.

What makes Package Concierge unique?

We've designed our system around property management operations … A lot of thought was put into the engineering of the product and the software is really what makes it work. Plus, it's made in the USA.

It's something you can be proud of. Quality matters.
How does Package Concierge benefit property managers as well as residents?

Property managers and leasing agents were spending hours every day on everything from receiving to tracking to storing packages, plus notifying residents and locating packages once residents came to pick them up. It's an amazing amount of extra work. (With Package Concierge) staff can be 100 percent removed from package handling, so you can imagine what a relief that is.

Residents can get their packages 24/7 and that's very important to them. And it's very secure — that gives them peace of mind.
How are people responding to Package Concierge?

It's definitely been overwhelmingly positive. We've delivered over several hundred thousand packages and there have been no issues... Our customers are very, very happy.

Because package delivery is the second most important feature to residents (after fitness centers)*, apartment complexes and other multifamily communities will need to address the growing need for secure, reliable, and organized package management.

And Package Concierge— together with Florence — may have just the solution.

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* This data is from a Package Delivery Survey conducted by the National Multifamily Housing Council and Kingsley Associates in 2014. More than 2,700 respondents provided feedback on how their apartment complexes manage package delivery amid the boom in online shopping and shipping.