Choosing and customizing the right centralized mailbox system for your client can be a challenging task.  Centralized mailbox systems must meet United States Postal Service (USPS) specifications, however there are many options to customize your client’s mail and package delivery solution.

Customizing USPS compliant mailboxes can be fun and affordable when you use the right tools and choose the right manufacturer. And that means satisfaction for both your client and their building tenants.  

What Does Your Client Need?

When considering customized features for centralized mailbox systems, it’s important to determine the client’s needs to help you design and pick the best centralized mailbox system to ensure a happy client and end-user. 

Determining the needs of the client community includes user population size and anticipated package delivery volumes to help your selection of extended options like parcel lockers. Accessibility requirements are also a major component of USPS compliance in addition to complying with national and local building codes. Identifying the on-site space dimensions is an important start. Is there enough space for both accessibility requirements and the number of mailboxes that are needed for the community of resident users? Identifying these factors first will ultimately save everyone time and money. 

Cluster Box or Mailbox Suites

4C Indoor Mailroom

After determining your client’s needs, choosing between a free-standing cluster box or wall-mounted mailboxes is fairly straightforward but crucial to ensuring your client saves  time and money and is satisfied with the end result. 

Because pedestal mounted cluster boxes are generally used outdoors, space considerations are much different than those related to wall-mounted mailboxes. As the name implies, pedestal mounted cluster box units can be “clustered” in a single area, but depending on the community being served, they can also be congregated in separate clusters distributed around the property. 

The application selected is dependent on the mobility, accessibility and distance needs of the community and ultimately the approval by the local U.S. Postal Service Delivery Operations Growth Manager. New centralized mailbox locations must be approved by local USPS delivery management so that is an essential early step in the equipment selection process. 

Wall-mounted USPS Approved STD-4C centralized mailboxes can be used either in an indoor mailroom or in an outdoor mailbox design. The decision around indoor versus outdoor mail delivery is made in tandem with the local USPS — so reach out to the Postal Service in your early design planning. 

Once location is determined and you know your space allowances, using the Florence mailbox system configurator will help ensure your design uses space efficiently while satisfying your client's needs.

4C Central Delivery Mailroom

Compartment Size

Individual compartment size is a major consideration in designing a custom centralized mailbox system. The population size and dimensions of space you have to work with will determine the shape of the mailboxes and the dimensions of each box. You need to ensure you have enough space for every resident to have a mailbox, but you also need to ensure the mailbox selected will fit the amount and size of mail that people receive in the client community.  

The standard mailbox compartment size is 12”x3”x15” which fits a lot of flat mail and even small packages. However, if your client is a business or a community of people known to receive a lot of mail and packages, then larger mail compartments can be configured into a 4C mailbox solution.  

With the 4C product configurator, it’s easy to create a custom centralized mailbox system that works for your client’s property and the resident’s needs. Choose from pre-configured individual mailbox modules to create an entire system; there are dozens to choose from which makes it very easy and fast to design a mailbox solution.  

Visibility and Safety

Whatever centralized mailbox solution you choose, making sure it is placed in both a visible and safe area is critical. With any centralized mailbox system, considerations related to location, accessibility, visibility, safety and security of the residents using the mailboxes every day are of paramount importance.  

Florence’s 4C mailboxes and cluster box solutions meet all USPS requirements and are of the highest quality for both durability and longevity. They are weather-resistant, reliable and easy to care for, meaning less property maintenance for your clients. 

Aesthetic Design Is Crucial

Aesthetic design considerations deserve separate attention. Each building design is unique and clients don’t necessarily want a mailbox system to be a focal point in the facility design.  That’s where different visual design scenarios should be explored in order to create the perfect fit for your specific project.

Having access to a variety of finish colors and mailbox styles will help create the ideal  centralized mailbox system that blends seamlessly to complement your residential or commercial development project design. 

Custom Centralized Mailroom


Adding matching accessories to further customize your mailbox solution provides added convenience for residents. Look for comprehensive product documentation on the available systems and various accessories that complement cluster box units and STD-4C mailboxes when making final detailed design decisions.

  • Collection boxes and recycling bins will increase convenience for occupants and can be installed as a natural extension in a customized 4C mailbox system. 

  • Directories are also useful as they provide assistance for occupants, USPS delivery personnel and visitors. 

  • Parcel lockers are always a great idea to add more shared space for residents to receive larger packages. 

Choosing a company that offers these accessories as part of a customized central mailbox system is a service that is invaluable to industry professionals who need a broad selection of product options to satisfy a myriad of client projects.

Cluster Mailbox Installation

Making the Final Decisions

Regardless of the type of development project, making a plan is the best way to start. Choosing a company that will give you all the elements you need for a cohesive mailbox design coupled with a local expert to assist you with your centralized mailbox solution selection will help ensure a frustration-free experience and a happy client!   

Florence’s Configurator is the best place to start with any mailbox design. Our product configurator allows industry professionals to visualize their mail and package room design for clients, enhancing client communications and saving on costs and time. 

Know what you want? Find a Florence dealer to get started creating your custom centralized mailbox system design.